Buy A Bike In Waukegan

As winter has finally given way to spring, what better way to celebrate the great weather than by spending more time outdoors. One of the best ways to maximize your time outside is by riding a bike. Bicycles are perfect for leisure, exercise and transportation, so there’s no excuse to not own a good one!

If you’re looking for an unbeatable deal, buy a bike in Waukegan at Family Jewelry & Loan. Chances are we’ve got a bike that works for you, from a basic street cruiser for everyday transportation to multi-gear bikes for serious cyclists. Our inventory’s always changing, and includes mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, BMX bikes and everything in between. Instead of paying full price for a new bike at a bike shop, do yourself a favor and check out the selection at our pawn shop. At Family Jewelry & Loan, we buy and sell quality bikes in good condition. Many of our pre-owned bikes are in nearly new condition – though you’ll want to act now because they tend to sell quickly. In order to constantly update our inventory, we have to keep our bikes priced to move.

We also offer pawn loans for bikes as well as buying used bikes. If you want to sell your bike or get a cash loan, stop by our Waukegan pawn shop and get your bike appraised. If your bike is in good condition and we’ve got the space, chances are you’ll get a great value for it.

Everybody wanting to buy or sell a bike this spring should visit Family Jewelry & Loan to find the best deals on bikes in Waukegan!

Item of the Week: Roberto Coin “Circle of Life” Diamond Pendant

Family Jewelry & Loan’s Item of the Week

Our highlighted item this week is an exquisite piece of jewelry from Roberto Coin. The Roberto Coin “Circle of Life” pendant is sure to impress. This dazzling piece of jewelry makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one.


Right now, you can buy a Roberto Coin “Circle of Life” diamond pendant at Family Jewelry & Loan in Waukegan for a price that’s as striking as the pendant itself. If you were to buy this diamond pendant from a Chicagoland jewelry store at retail value, you could expect to pay $1,140. Instead, come to Family Jewelry & Loan and pay less than half that!

The Circle of Life diamond pendant makes an excellent gift for an anniversary or another of life’s meaningful milestones. The pendant’s diamond circle symbolizes an eternal circle that never comes to an end. The beauty of its meaning is matched by the elegance of its stones. The pendants are available in various carat weights and 18K gold colors, and the shimmering ring of diamonds hangs on an 18” chain.

The splendor of the Roberto Coin Circle of Life Diamond Pendant can’t be denied and the price at Family Jewelry & Loan can’t be beat. If you want to buy this or other affordable jewelry in Waukegan, visit our store at 422 N. Green Bay Road!

Get Cash Fast With A Vehicle Loan


Auto Loans in Waukegan

When you visit Family Jewelry & Loan, it’s easy to imagine that what you see on the shelves is a full representation of the merchandise we buy, sell and pawn. You probably assume that we appraise jewelry, pawn electronics, buy laptop computers and sell guitars and other musical instruments. While it’s true that we do all that, we provide loan services outside of our pawn shop aisles and display cases. Another aspect of our business that can help you when you need cash fast is vehicle loans.

What is a Vehicle Loan?

A vehicle loan is a secured loan in which your vehicle is used as collateral. At Family Jewelry & Loan, we offer Waukegan residents loans for many types of vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, personal water crafts and more. You get the cash you need fast (sometimes within 24 hours) and the loan is at a low-interest rate. We also pay cash for cars, trucks, boats and more!

Should I Get an Auto Loan On My Vehicle?

For many people, an auto loan is one of the fastest ways to get a cash loan. Because your vehicle acts as collateral, the loan doesn’t require an extensive credit check. For borrowers with bad credit, it can be hard to get a loan, especially a low-interest cash loan. However, almost anyone with a vehicle can get an auto loan as long as they meet a few criteria:

  • You are of age and have valid identification
  • You own your vehicle free and clear
  • The vehicle is in good condition

There may be other considerations depending on your specific situation, but generally an auto loan is a pretty easy way to get the cash you need. Often, we’ll lend up to 50% of the vehicles worth. The initial interest rate is low, so you won’t have to pay much more than you borrowed as long as you pay off your loan within the agreed-upon time-span.

We offer auto pawn loans and boat loans to people throughout Waukegan and the surrounding area. With an auto pawn loan or boat loan, we’ll possess your vehicle until the loan is re-paid. The benefit of this option is a much lower interest rate during the loan period than you’d get with an auto title loan.

If you need cash fast and think you qualify for a low-interest vehicle loan, contact Family Jewelry & Loan today and we’ll work to get you the money you need.

Win a Beats Portable Stereo Speaker This Holiday Season!

Family Jewelry & Loan in Waukegan is gearing up for the holidays!

Now through the day after Christmas, we are launching an exciting promotion for our customers using our store’s mobile messaging. Every customer enrolled and confirmed will be entered to win a Beats Pill Portable Stereo Speaker with Bluetooth Technology by Dr.

The Beats Pill Wireless speaker is lightweight, portable, and Bluetooth- enabled. The small but mighty speaker easily connects to your tablet or phone so you can control your music from anywhere in your home. The speaker retails at $199, and is a top rated electronic. No purchase is necessary to enter to win, just call or stop by to sign up for mobile messaging!

This holiday season, stop in at Family Jewelry & Loan in Waukegan to find great deals for everyone in the family. We carry a wide range of items including jewelry, electronics, instruments, and much more, all at a fraction of retail price.

We are sure to have something in stock for anyone on your list! Shop smart this holiday season at Family Jewelry & Loan located at 422 N. Green Bay Rd.

Now’s the Time to Save!

With winter soon approaching, now is a great time to finish up home improvement projects before the temperature drops. This winter is predicted to be as harsh as last winter for Chicagoland residents, so end of the season home fixes are crucial to finish before winter begins.

image3-150x150At Family Jewelry & Loan in Waukegan we have a wide selection of power tools to help you enhance your home before the holidays. All of our tools are on sale, so stock up now while prices are low. Now is a great time to invest in next year’s summer fun with great deals on air conditioners, lawn mowers, pressure washers, and bikes for all ages. All of these items are discounted for an end of the season sale. Buy today, and get huge savings on next year’s items. Although warmer days are dwindling away, the prices for summer and fall items are at an all time low!

Preparing for winter should start at Family Jewelry & Pawn. Don’t wait until winter hits to get stocked up on all your families winter necessities. We have a wide selection of winter essentials including snow blowers, salt dispensers, and other winter equipment. Buy now, and make sure you are well equipped for when winter hits. With our fall markdowns, now is the best time to save on all your winter items at Family Jewelry & Pawn.

With winter quickly approaching, time spent inside will be on the rise. Waukegan’s Family Jewelry & Loan carries many products to keep you entertained indoors all winter long. We have several gaming systems, movies, and other home electronics to help you stay amused all season long. We know how boring winter can be spent inside, so enhance your time with a PlayStation or X-BOX. Enjoy low prices on all Family Jewelry & Loan’s featured products.  Call or stop by today!


Featured Items at our Waukegan Pawn Shop

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on ebayTake a look at this week’s featured items from Family Jewelry and Loan’s Waukegan pawn shop.

One item up for bidding is an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite EY21, 2GB, Wi-Fi, 6in. The Kindle is currently listed for $59.99. This eReader is the perfect addition to anyone’s electronics collection. The ultra-sleek Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for on the go reading. The Kindle has a no glare screen, so reading in direct sunlight poses no problems.
The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect portable accessory! At only $59.99, the Waukegan Family Jewelry & Loan’s Amazon Kindle is 30% less expensive than other Kindle Paperwhite products on eBay. The EY21 edition is Wi-Fi compatible, so you can purchase a new book in a matter of seconds! Place your bid today, and start reading next week when you choose standard shipping.


pandoraNot only does Family Jewelry & Loan sell electronics, but we also have several pieces of jewelry for sale. We are currently featuring a leather bracelet from Pandora. Pandora bracelets are the modern day charm bracelets, with a unique charm for every occasion! Our leather bracelet is listed for only $31.50 (market value $45).
The Pandora bracelet is the perfect gift that you can continue to customize for years to come! Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, the birth of a child, or an anniversary, there is a Pandora charm to commemorate the occasion. The leather Pandora bracelet is a timeless piece that can be tailored to fit any style. Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing item from Family Jewelry & Loan in Waukegan!