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Auto Loans in Waukegan

When you visit Family Jewelry & Loan, it’s easy to imagine that what you see on the shelves is a full representation of the merchandise we buy, sell and pawn. You probably assume that we appraise jewelry, pawn electronics, buy laptop computers and sell guitars and other musical instruments. While it’s true that we do all that, we provide loan services outside of our pawn shop aisles and display cases. Another aspect of our business that can help you when you need cash fast is vehicle loans.

What is a Vehicle Loan?

A vehicle loan is a secured loan in which your vehicle is used as collateral. At Family Jewelry & Loan, we offer Waukegan residents loans for many types of vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, personal water crafts and more. You get the cash you need fast (sometimes within 24 hours) and the loan is at a low-interest rate. We also pay cash for cars, trucks, boats and more!

Should I Get an Auto Loan On My Vehicle?

For many people, an auto loan is one of the fastest ways to get a cash loan. Because your vehicle acts as collateral, the loan doesn’t require an extensive credit check. For borrowers with bad credit, it can be hard to get a loan, especially a low-interest cash loan. However, almost anyone with a vehicle can get an auto loan as long as they meet a few criteria:

  • You are of age and have valid identification
  • You own your vehicle free and clear
  • The vehicle is in good condition

There may be other considerations depending on your specific situation, but generally an auto loan is a pretty easy way to get the cash you need. Often, we’ll lend up to 50% of the vehicles worth. The initial interest rate is low, so you won’t have to pay much more than you borrowed as long as you pay off your loan within the agreed-upon time-span.

We offer auto pawn loans and boat loans to people throughout Waukegan and the surrounding area. With an auto pawn loan or boat loan, we’ll possess your vehicle until the loan is re-paid. The benefit of this option is a much lower interest rate during the loan period than you’d get with an auto title loan.

If you need cash fast and think you qualify for a low-interest vehicle loan, contact Family Jewelry & Loan today and we’ll work to get you the money you need.

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