Collateralized Loans

Family Jewelry & Loan of Waukegan can get you the cash you need through a low risk, low interest collateral loan.

We understand that sometimes things come up in life that are more expensive than expected: car payments, bills, mortgages… Any number of costs can come as a surprise to you, but that doesn’t mean you need to start selling your assets to make ends meet. Instead, consider the smart alternative of a collateral loan.

At Family Jewelry & Loan, we provide a lending alternative to the usual options of banks, credit unions and the like. The usual financial institutions offer loans that often come with restrictions, high interest, or unexpected strings attached. We know that getting a loan can be stressful, so we pride ourselves on helping our customers get the money they need fast without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

Our collateral loan process is simple: you bring in an item, and we’ll give you cash based on its value. As soon as you repay the loan, we return your item. It’s a great alternative to selling our valuables in time of need. With a collateral loan, you get cash fast and still get your prized possession upon repayment.

We offer collateral loans on a variety of items, from jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds and more) to electronics (like televisions, computers, tablets, etc).

There’s no reason to delay when you need money now. Come on down to Family Jewelry & Loan in Waukegan to get the cash you need with a collateral loan!