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From wartime to America’s pastime, bring in your collectibles and we’ll make you the best offer in town.

Whether it’s an antique rifle from the civil war or an iconic baseball hit over the ivy at Wrigley field, when it comes to memorabilia, Family Jewelry and Loan is ready to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Talk to our sports experts who specialize in the most popular collecting categories of Sports Memorabilia: football, basketball, American football, boxing, tennis and golf memorabilia.

Your memorabilia will be valued based on the importance of the event, edition number, celebrity behind the autograph, and significance in the history of the game or sport.

How do we price you your historical weapon? Several factors determine the value of a collectible gun. Two of the most prominent determinants are demand and its previous sales history. Demand in the gun collecting world is erratic and doesn’t always have a logical explanation. Exceptions of demand for brands such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, or Winchesters, which always have a higher demand.

So set your sights on Family Jewelry and Loan to get the best deal for you.